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12-29-2015 *Frank26

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12-29-2015 *Frank26

Unread postby Vixen » Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:51 pm

12-29-2015 *Frank26 ~It’s not a coincidence...that we look at a long coincidence... meanwhile the ISX went ballistic today...they sold 619 million shares that is worth almost 500 billion IQD’s...all in one afternoon...that is why we sense we are very close to the international world...there is SECURITY to enter an international world...we do know they has stopped selling the USD...they only use their did notice there is a long weekend over the end of the year into the next year. You do know the Iranian sanctions will be lifted in this same time frame...You do know the budget is to be implemented in this time frame. You do know the taxes and tariffs are ready to be applied in all ports of Baghdad... Erbil...all of them...that is powerful...that is serious for a monetary reform.

12-29-2015 *Frank26 ~I know the IMF gave them until the first quarter to get things done...but they are short on many things...What they are doing with their budget, the reforms, their SECURITY it is all for one enter the international world with an international rate 1 to 1...but if they take us into February and will only get louder and louder...all those things they dreamed of..taxes and tariffs...yes... SECURITY... yes...unbelievable... because the year is coming to an end...I just can’t see them wasting this...can’t see them prolonging things...all of this IMO ...IMO...China and others would not have hooked up right now if they were not ready to enter the international world.
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