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This forum is amazing!

This forum is amazing!

Unread postby hiceirolibe » Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:25 pm

Hi to everybody everything allright? as all of you can see this is my 1rst piece of writing on this place, beautiful community that you have here.
Lets start my presentation, I´m Lester, I live in Paris, at the moment doing erasmus on other place now on Anthropology to reach my graduation.
I adore reading as well as tv shows, and I also play a lot Radiohead, my new hobbie right now is playing poker, as most of you...I well as board games.
The reason I signed up here to find ideas to my blogs at ...You can not blame me because you guys do have many fascinating discussions here, but indeed I will participate seriously in all of the threads in the forum!!!!!
I will also have to apologize by my english it was the only way I found to communicate with the users here....
And for now is all I have say, because have a job of shifts so I have to spleep a while..............Just hopping you enjoyed my brand new topic.
By Bye to all of you, See ya!
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