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Iraq is preparing for a third round of negotiations to join the World Trade

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Iraq is preparing for a third round of negotiations to join the World Trade

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Iraq is preparing for a third round of negotiations to join the World Trade

AUGUST 7, 2015

Iraq is preparing for a third round of negotiations to join the World Trade

National Commission for Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization is preparing to contest the third round of the acquisition Alaazavih..oukal Chairman of the Committee and Minister of Commerce Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim negotiations in a statement received (time) yesterday that the (Commission held its regular meeting in the office of the Ministry of Commerce to discuss the lines reached by Iraq for joining Organization) said Abdul Karim that(the meeting discussed several topics, notably the measures taken by the ministries and agencies to answer questions World Organization as well as government measures to amend laws and legislation and regulations that are compatible with the organization's work laws and in line with the higher interest of Iraq and its people) that He explained that he (During meeting to present and discuss the most important topics on the agenda, which included a quick presentation on the work of the Commission and the steps and procedures reached by Iraq in the process of accession and ratification of the first file of goods updated of the Memorandum of Foreign Trade Regime for Iraq and the ratification of the implementation and the legislative plan for the country version and work to send those files to WTO Secretariat) .msheera to it (during the meeting to discuss the proposals in the Commission's work and the most important not to change the members of the Sub Aagan specialist and a special committee of trade in services to be a member of the committee of specialists in order to accomplish the rest of the trade file in services) He called Abdul Kareem (National Committee members in ministries and agencies and members of the committees emanating from it to accomplish the required files for Agriculture and Phytosanitary file in particular with regard to the information and paragraphs for the Kurdistan region, as well as translation of relevant laws by the authorities concerned).

On the other hand launched the Ministry of Commerce new batch of dues peasants and farmers for the years 2014-2015 marketers to harvest wheat in all the provinces. He said the minister Mlas Abdul Karim in a statement received (time) yesterday that (approvals've got to launch the second installment of dues peasants for wheat crop for the year In addition to current releases new batch of entitlements for farmers in 2014). He added that he (was authorized General Company for Grain Trade to take administrative and financial procedures and the appointment of authorized to receive notices and the formation of sub-committees and a major mission to facilitate the task of peasants and farmers to get financial benefits). The statement said that (the ministry has carried out several correspondences with the Ministry of Finance to launch a financial dues in line with the Government's support for farmers and Iraqi farmers to improve agricultural reality and rely on the national product, which has become a priority for the Ministry's work in the coming period). Calling (peasants and farmers who have appeared names of marketers review the company's branches for the purpose of receiving their dues in accordance with legal controls). On a related development peasant Assembly in Kirkuk province, confirmed that the financial dues to the peasants of the province owed by the ministries of trade, agriculture amounting to 150 billion dinars, while the government called for the release of those funds President of the Assembly. He said Ihsan al-Jubouri said in a statement that the (financial dues to Mizrahi Kirkuk, which is owed Wazzrati the past two seasons Talpg 150 billion Iraqi dinars) indicating that the (non-dispensing means clear violation of the instructions of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who instructed Prusvha directly). Jubouri added that the (non-financial dues means that farmers will not cultivate their land this season because the money must be discharged replay such as fertilizers, seeds and other financial matters) He called al-Jubouri Wazzarta to (launch those financial benefits for farmers and money, including maize)
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