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Praised the success of Iraqi banks in a vote of confidence and the international reputation of the b

Unread postPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:25 am
by Stillw8n
Praised the success of Iraqi banks in a vote of confidence and the international reputation of the big

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki: We urge the pace after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII to achieve two main issues, the first increase in wealth, production and diversify sources of income such as tourism, industry, agriculture, and the second employ these resources to provide services and construction and reconstruction as befitting citizens of Iraq.

came during a speech this morning when attending the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the founding of TBI.
Prime Minister added that the most important scored in the banking industry is Neil Iraq and banking system confidence in circles global banking and possession of mattresses advanced between international banks, stressing that the banking system properly and successfully and effectively is one of the most important factors in the success of the process of construction and reconstruction taking place in Iraq. praised the significant role played by the TBI and achievable goals which it was established the alleviation of international sanctions and find a window to support the private sector to be a partner with the public sector for the advancement of the country and to promote opportunities for construction and investment.

continued Prime Minister: We have faced a heavy legacy left behind by the former regime and wreaked havoc in infrastructure and blockade and strained relations with the countries of the world and a significant decline in the level of oil production amounted million barrels per day, but today we are looking forward to raise the level of oil production to nine million barrels per day in 2017, as we were able to return Iraq to its natural place and address the problems and obligations relating to international sanctions and thus remove Iraq from Chapter VII, again thanks to the member states of the UN Security Council and the United Nations and all countries that stood with Iraq and helped him to get rid of sanctions International left behind by the previous regime.

provides Maliki congratulations and blessings for the management of TBI commercial and employees at the bank on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its founding and their efforts to stimulate the Iraqi economy and support the process of construction and reconstruction.

For her part, Director-General of Trade Bank of Iraq Hamdiya dry in an interview ((morning)) that patronage of the Prime Minister has culminated in our celebration of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the bank, pointing to the significant role played by the bank in securing food into the country after the fall of the dictatorial regime, where the foundations of the bank to be a safety valve for the Iraqi funds that were trapped during the previous era by the policies of the former regime confused.

She the great development witnessed by the bank through the expansion of its relations with international banks and international sober and became a source of confidence of all the international banks and on this occasion emphasize the keenness of employees in the bank to provide more tender to strengthen Iraq’s march of development.

said that the bank is going permanently to develop mechanisms work and keep up with global developments through precision and confidence in the handling and melting all the difficulties and obstacles that may stand in front of banking transactions for ministries of the State and issued by our bank.

On the other hand, said dry (l (morning)) said in a statement that the banking service provided by our bank has expanded its activity, especially at the level of the card credit through the increase in the number of collectors that card in the capacity of the spread of an ATM machine (ATM).

indicated dry that the percentage of the increase on the credit card has recorded a high of (40 percent), and especially during the past two years as the number of collectors that card from (12.689) to become the total number (20,000) card issued by our bank until now, and that the bank’s work on the expansion of the increase in the distribution of machine (ATM) in accordance with the increasing demand of customers on a credit card where the number of machines ATM (85) device that is distributed between different parts of Baghdad and the provinces .