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Foreign parliament seeks to reduce the compensation of Kuwait

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Foreign parliament seeks to reduce the compensation of Kuwait

Unread postby Stillw8n » Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:52 am

Foreign parliament seeks to reduce the compensation of Kuwait

Seeking the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee to reduce the annual amount of compensation to Kuwait amounting to 5 percent of oil imports, noting that (Iraq has no choice but to apply UN Security Council Resolution 1991 to pay compensation binding).

A member of the Committee of Staff Arshad (time) yesterday that the (Iraq sees now ماقيمته 5 percent of oil imports to Kuwait in compensation for damage caused by the former regime facilities Kuwaiti and this amount is too big and impede the project, so the Commission seeks in talks representative to reduce the amount of the benefit is broader than oil imports).

He said (the country does not have an option other than the application of UN Security Council Resolution 1991, despite the long-range and out of Iraq from Chapter VII).

He pointed out that (Iraq more need of Kuwait for the money at the moment because of the beginning of the movement and the advancement of urban infrastructure).

To that she told the United Nations Special Commission war damages resulting from Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990, she handed over one billion and U.S. $ 70 million to Kuwait.

The source said yesterday (that compensation for damages caused by the Iraqi invasion installations oil, and financial losses resulting from it), and he said (the sum of what the ICRC delivered so far reached 42 billion, and $ 300 million and there are about 10 billion and a million dollars was given to the committee, but did not yet delivered to a number of claimants).
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