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Preparations to join for W.TO/The signing of 80 of the Convention and 55 of the Commission for the d

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Preparations to join for W.TO/The signing of 80 of the Convention and 55 of the Commission for the d

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Preparations to join for W.TO/The signing of 80 of the Convention and 55 of the Commission for the development of economic relations

Taan: activating the work of the committees to achieve economic integration with the countries

Iraq seeks to promote economic and trade relations with different countries to achieve economic integration, including the achievement of mutual benefit and development of the economic reality and promotion through the signing of 80 agreement with the Arab and foreign countries are different as well the formation of 55 joint committee with various countries of the world.

In this context, he said, an economist in the Ministry of Finance Hilal Taan: The stages of economic and trade relations between Iraq and any other country begins phase partnership then progress to reach the stage conventions and then reach the degree of economic integration. projects partnership Iraq signed 80 agreement with several countries on the economic aspect include items of different economic funding projects in the productive sectors of the diverse and provide services including encourages the protection of investment between the two sides established to set up projects important partnership to contribute to the advancement of economic reality, as well as the 55 joint committee with various countries of the world. As announced by the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Ministry.

said Taan told (morning) that economic integration between any two countries is intended to give facilities on the entry of goods and the free movement of money in addition to the facilities of customs and tax exemptions on goods is mutually beneficial to both countries.

ministerial committees, and pointed out that the economic commissions shared between Iraq and the countries that have been signed with them on economic agreements have been formed from the various ministries and government departments to organize the work of trade exchange and activating the work of customs and pricing tariff, adding that some of these agreements now entered into force with the neighboring countries like Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Turkey and other countries brotherly and friendly, pointing out that most of the goods that enter the country are under these agreements.

amendment agreements and stressed Taan need to develop economic relations with new countries because Iraq is still a country a consumer and does not issue is oil, noting that there are amendments thereto, the conventions or is canceled or add new items to enhance cooperation whenever the need arises and to serve Iraq and the other side to achieve economic integration. interests of the interface to that stressed academic economic d. Majid Baidhani importance of activating the work of the committees Joint Economic between Iraq and other countries being hurt in the direction of the development of reality economy of the country through the exchange of experiences and interests interfaces.

said Baidhani told (morning) that the work of the joint committees is to give insight into the reality of the local economy and investment opportunities in the agricultural and industrial sectors and other productivity.

Preparations to join for W.TO

He noted that the work of these committees now almost stalled because of studies now taking place between the circles economic Iraqi government level to the issue of Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization. and is Iraq’s accession organizations and blocs financial and economic of the key things that are in favor of the economy through the effects of direct and indirect most important to diversify the state’s resources and not rely on oil unite pole in the country’s economy.

Iraq has membership in organizations of different economic Calayrbosaa, UNCTAD and the Union of Arab Banks as well as its presence as an observer member of the WTO and other organizations. drew academic economic need to diversify the economy of Iraq and not to rely on oil pole unite to finance the general budget because this is the most prominent terms of accession to WTO because oil products are not covered interchangeably trade between the members of the organization. said Baidhani need to provide Iraq something of the member states of the WTO, it is not reasonable that does not offer production or product is characterized by all other countries, indicating that it is this section must enter Iraq to This organization because of the reform of its economy battered by the misguided policies that lasted for three decades. follow-up agreements and the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Ministry to follow up the most important agreements and joint committees and activate the agreements concluded earlier with the countries of the world and to conclude new agreements with countries that are no Iraq Agreement with it. , the ministry said on its website that the agreements signed by Iraq of 80 agreement with the Arab and foreign countries are different, and she also that the department follows the 55 joint committee with various countries of the world. development of the economy and was a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP Amer winner has stressed the importance of activating economic agreements concluded with the developed countries, which is still disabled because the economic benefit a great country.

said in a press statement: that Iraq was struck in the recent series of economic agreements with various countries the world, especially developed in the fields of industry and agriculture, but it is still disabled. adding that activate these agreements will pour the interests of the two sides of the business processes, stressing that Iraq desperately need to hand the exchange of experiences with the developed countries to develop their economy. increased winner has struck Iraq a range of economic agreements with European countries and Asian and Arab countries, but it still is disabled by the government, likely it legislation may need to be legal or perhaps collide with other including legal or routine.
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