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Labor accusations against Qatar go after Congressman Ilhan Omar

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Labor accusations against Qatar go after Congressman Ilhan Omar

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Labor accusations against Qatar go after Congressman Ilhan Omar



A Canadian businessman quotes Qatari officials as saying that without their money, Omar would just be a refugee

Did Ilhan Omar convey sensitive information to Qatar that she passed to Iran? (Reuters)

Accusations against House Democrat Ilhan Omar of being a Qatari agent have been receiving money from Doha for years, and a witness at a Florida trial said she had passed sensitive information to Qatar, which she passed to Iran. Accusationsdenied by the controversial deputy in the American political community, while others preferred to wait for the verification of this testimony based on evidence, but it is certain that the political future of Ilhan Omar will be over if these allegations later proved.
Bender certificate
For two days, conservative US websites and newspapers continued to publish charges against Ilhan Omar made by Alan Bandar, a Canadian-born businessman in Kuwait, during the trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani, half-brother of the current Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. Accused of issuing orders to his American bodyguard for the assassination of two people, and taking the guard hostage to him after he refused to carry out the assassination orders.
Bandar gave a discharge testimony at a trial at the Central District Court in Florida, where he said he had met Prince Khalid's secretary for security affairs, Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Misnad, and two other senior Qatari officials who told him that without the money Qatar paid to the deputy In the US House of Representatives, Ilhan Omar, now like any other brown Somali refugee in America, is raising charitable donations or catering to customers at restaurants on weekends.
Funds to support Qatari influence
Qatari officials asked him to recruit US politicians and journalists to work for Qatar, Bandar said in a video testimony from Toronto, and when he objected, they told him that many prominent figures in the United States were on Qatar's payroll. Ilhan Omar is considered the "jewel of the crown" among Qatari customers as described by the witness, in reference to the importance and sensitivity of its status in the US House of Representatives.
According to the 233-page testimony of the Canadian businessman and endorsed by two prosecutors at the trial, Matthew Pittard and Matthew Allend, the Qatari was able to recruit Ilhan Omar for some time before she thought of becoming responsible, as the Qataris arranged for her the grounds and reasons for her involvement. After convincing her to do so.
A statement of denial
Ilhan Omar, who was born in Somalia, issued a statement carried by US websites, denying the accusations, and explained that there have been those who target the Democrat since she was elected a member of the US House of Representatives, pointing out that Ilhan Omar will continue to represent the citizens of the Fifth Circle in the state Who elected her to represent them in Congress.
On the other hand, witness Alan Bandar, in contact with the media confirmed the validity of his accusations he testified before the court, including that Ilhan Omar provided information to Qatar after its election in Congress and that the information passed by Qatar to Iran, and worked to recruit American politicians to work for Qatar, The witness quoted Qatari officials as saying that the best thing to buy money is US officials because they are the cheapest officials around the world.
Not the first charges
The conservative website, NOQQ Report, points out that these accusations are not the first of its kind to indicate Qatar's attempts to exploit its influence to influence US policies. In a report in the Daily Wire newspaper, Alan Bandar accused former US ambassador to Qatar of taking bribes. A few months ago, the Geller Report website accused Ilhan Omar of colluding with Qatar against the United States, citing a Swiss-Iranian cleric named Imam Muhammad Tawhidi. Decision-making and public opinion within the states United States.
Waiting for further evidence
While many websites have published details of Alan Bandar's interesting testimony in conservative political circles such as Floridian, Young Conservatives and Gateway Way Pandit, other conservative sites also preferred not to rule on the case currently under consideration by the judiciary. The sites have the same details, but prefer to wait for further evidence to emerge. The website of the Clarion Project on counter-extremism issues pointed out that the allegations were made by only one person, Alan Bandar.
The reaction of followers of Ilhan Omar's controversial activity in American society has varied. David Steinberg, editor of PJ Media, tweeted his doubts about the authenticity of the allegations. Jordan Shastel, a journalist specializing in national security and foreign policy, He considered that Qatar and Ilhan Omar made serious mistakes, but this testimony needs to be founded, while political activist Dalia Al-Aqidi, who criticizes the actions of Ilhan Omar, considered that it deplores the views and attitudes of MP Ilhan Omar, but it needs strong evidence because in this case it is different About the relationship between Congressman Omar and the House American Muslim "CARE" or its relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood or its relationship with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Despite the fact that the story of Ilhan Omar and the new allegations against it arouse controversy and disagreements within the American media and political circles, it is an opportunity to verify the matter, but if the accusations against Ilhan Omar prove, its political future and freedom will surely come to an end. For the sake of foreign governments, the worst thing an elected deputy or official in the United States can do.
Source: Independent Arab - Tariq Al-Shami
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