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Analyst: Egypt may turn out to Syria again because of Obama

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Analyst: Egypt may turn out to Syria again because of Obama

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Analyst: Egypt may turn out to Syria again because of Obama

Published 18/08/2013 12:12 AM

Babinaoz / Agencies:
Said political analyst and the American writer, Peter Beinart, that Egypt may represent the biggest failure of U.S. foreign policy, he said, adding that the White House's positions are wrong, situation has been heading towards the emergence of extremist currents that could launch an armed rebellion similar to what is happening in Syria.

He said Beinart, a large book political section of the site, "Daily Beast" news the U.S., in response to a question from CNN about his position on the policies of the White House about Egypt: "Although I normally defend the administration of President Barack Obama, but I think that its policies were disastrous, and people like Senator John McCain, right Ptsaalh the truth about the size of the U.S. influence. "

He Beinart said: "Maybe not for America a lot of influence, but the moment influential in Egyptian politics was a moment for the coup, when it was we have an opportunity to force their army to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to return to the scene and play a political role, but we did not use that leverage."

And about whether the United States has refrained from using their influence or actually they tried it and crashed into a rejection of the Egyptian army, said Beinart: "certainly can not use our influence through the mere threat to cut off aid. What happened in the fact that the Foreign Minister, John Kerry, came out to say clearly The army is a tool for democracy, but it turns out that the army is very repressive, and that the Muslim Brotherhood will not disappear from existence. "

The U.S. political analyst added: "What will happen is that the most radical elements within the Muslim Brotherhood will top the scene, and we'll see Islamic insurgency movement similar to what is happening in Syria, and may end up this file to become the biggest failure of the current American administration."
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