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German Authority warns: Windows 8 computers to displays risk

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German Authority warns: Windows 8 computers to displays risk

Unread postby admin » Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:23 am

German Authority warns: Windows 8 computers to displays risk

18:48 08/23/2013

Agencies - The German government agency warned private technology of the new protection measures in computers that use an operating system Windows 8 may make them more vulnerable to hacker threats on the Internet, including vandalism.
He said the German Federal Office for Information Security said in a statement put on his Web site, on Wednesday, he should and federal government agencies and operators of critical infrastructure departments pay great attention to this danger.

The warning came after weeks of discontent in Germany because of leaks related to a U.S. surveillance programs. The spy scandal turned this to a headache for German Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of elections on 22 September.

The Office explained that the problem is related to using a computer chip called the Trusted Platform Module (or PT. Pei. 2.0 M) which is essential in computers that use Windows 8. This slide is designed to provide better protection for computers through its interaction with a variety of protection applications.

But the German Office, which provides advice on technology and security to the government and public alike, he said that the joint implementation of Windows 8 and slice (TE. Pei. M. 2.0) may lead to a "loss of control" of the operating system and device, but did not specify exactly how this happens .

He added, "As a result, new risks occur for users, particularly for federal departments and private vital infrastructure."

The statement concluded that "can also be used as new mechanisms of sabotage by a third party. These risks need to be addressed," and Microsoft declined to comment on the statement.

The company said in a statement, "Reuters" The computer manufacturers have the option to disable Technology (MIT. Pei. Clock) so customers can buy devices this technology does not work.

And developed technology (ICT. Pei. M.) group Trostd Kombewtonj an organization, non-profit and supported by technology companies, including any. Me. M., Intel and Hewlett - Packard and Microsoft.

German office said he is working with a group Trostd Kombewtonj producers operating systems to find a solution to the problem. The Group spokeswoman declined to comment on the specific allegations raised by the German office. The Group provided for producers of computers and users many tips on the best protection measures to avoid any threats they may face. O, o
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