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Putin: U.S. authorities lied during congressional debates on Syria

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Putin: U.S. authorities lied during congressional debates on Syria

Unread postby admin » Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:39 am

Putin: U.S. authorities lied during congressional debates on Syria

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 19:18

Putin: U.S. authorities lied during congressional debates on SyriaRussia / follow-Baghdadi News / .. Russian President Vladimir Putin that the operation against Syria without the authorization of the UN Security Council would be an act of aggression. Putin said at a meeting of the development of civil society and human rights, in Moscow on Wednesday, said that "the Congress of any country can not delegate such matters, that means approval of the aggression, because everything that is happening outside the framework of the UN Security Council aggression except for self-defense" .
Putin pointed out that Syria does not attack the United States so we can not talk about self-defense. The Russian president said that the U.S. Congress is now working to legitimize the aggression and he must now confirm that this is nonsense. Putin stressed that it is not reasonable to believe that Assad's use of chemical weapons when advancing troops.
Putin said the American authorities lie during the discussions in the U.S. Congress and they know very well that they are lying about the possibility of strengthening the "Al Qaeda" or even about the existence of the organization. Putin said the positions of those who oppose the Russian position on Syria "very weak."
He added: "They are pushing things towards aggression, and do not have any explanations or justifications only claim that the Syrian army used chemical weapons." The Russian president stressed that "victory Front" associated with "Al Qaeda" is the primary fighting force in Syria. Putin did not support the idea of ​​human rights defenders to go to Syria, saying: "I can not prevent you from it, but I do not support it, because this is something at risk."
And the related risk is not possible military operation, but the troops who are fighting the Syrian army, adding that "the main part of which consists of battalions" Al-Qaeda ", and they people Qason not subjected to any control."
Putin expressed his readiness to support communications between the Russian human rights organizations and the U.S. on the situation in Syria, but he doubted that allows it to avoid the massacre. President Putin said he was ready to assign the Russian Foreign Ministry on the establishment of contacts between lawyers in Russia and the United States.
He stressed that the development of the Obama administration is difficult because there are organizations in the United States confirm that the evidence provided by the administration is any convincing that these organizations support the position of Moscow. Putin said that Washington is counting on the armed opposition in Syria will be able to control the government after blow to Syria, and therefore will not require the use of intervention of foreign ground forces. Finished / Agencies
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