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Barack Obama's resignation?

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Barack Obama's resignation?

Unread postby admin » Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:14 am

Barack Obama's resignation?


Palm - U.S. President may feel abject failure after a while because he achieved victory in persuading Congress to approve in the case has, for a military strike to Syria .. Some think that the president will drink a toast authorization being internally victory for political thought himself savior of horses "cowboy" from the swamps of the blood that was shed as a result of U.S. sweeps, or bullying countries can not live without U.S. consent.

The United States has become accustomed to order and conspire on all systems, even European ally was spying him, and this left a bad impression among citizens and political situation in Europe.

If anyone in the self-respecting countries will think a thousand times before walking in astronomy the U.S. with the exception of the French president and his foreign minister the "Mufqua"!!! .. Some may ask why France carried the banner of the war on Syria this brutality? I like Holland "blind dog," which occurs unpleasant noise to scare mice.

The answer is very simple, Holland suffers a crisis to attend, no one accept it as president, has felt the French bitterness of weak character boss, he lived on its laurels others from Charles de Gaulle and Francois Mitterrand and up to Jacques Chirac and all the leaders of the French Socialist Party are (Ataeit) domestic and foreign policy did not drifting one of them behind the United States as he does, so it tries to be planted in the hearts of his countrymen that the credibility of the United States is the foundation on the international stage and this mistake killer, and also tries to avoid the so-called fault Jacques Chirac in his refusal to participate in the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the day revealed American anger at him, and it came pretty prevent any product French from entering the United States and this process will know Holland that great shave until after his death, but he will not Atxoa wings feathers, and more that can be done is flying under the tower Aaڤl the help of his foreign minister, "Laurent Fabius."

The mention of the latter is the first time that I see the country's foreign minister is considered a superpower speaks at a press conference with Foreign Minister of another country before the press and his head in the ground if the last press conference with John Kerry.

Therefore, the trust in the United States he does magic lantern or open the cave of Ali Baba to show what I did with the Europeans and its closest allies in the shadows.

The problem of U.S. politicians are living on the glories of Hollywood, where pay the Pentagon billions of dollars to produce a film explains Championships Marines in Lebanon or Vietnam, and the morality hero who defies the odds and expose himself to die for a small child but he does not talk about Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo or secret prisons under the waters of the ocean not to mention the exaggeration in tournaments delusional.

The American mentality is based on criminality, so Obama can not convince us (Cray year) that angel of mercy to the oppressed peoples. But if you wanted to be an angel, he has lost the war before it starts .. So he should resign!!
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