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URGENT Scientists: 2018 years of devastating earthquakes

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URGENT Scientists: 2018 years of devastating earthquakes

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URGENT Scientists: 2018 years of devastating earthquakes

2017/11/19 11:56

URGENT Scientists - 2018 years of devastating earthquakes

(Reuters) - Scientists warned of a potentially dramatic increase in the number of earthquakes around the world in 2018, due to a variation in the Earth's rotation speed, which could increase seismic activity, especially in densely populated tropical regions.
Although fluctuations in the earth's rotation speed may not exceed one millisecond per day, they can generate tremendous energyunderground and cause violent tremors.
He highlighted the link between Earth's rotation and seismic activity last month in a paper presented by Roger Pelham of the University of Colorado at Boulder and Rebecca Pendik of the University of Montana in Missoula at the annual meeting of the US Geological Society.
"The relationship between Earth's rotation and earthquakes is strong, and there is an increase in the number of severe earthquakes next year," Pelham told The Observer newspaper last week.
In their study, Pelham and Pendek discussed earthquakes that have reached 7 degrees and more since 1900.
"Great earthquakes have been well recorded for more than a century, which gives us a good record of the study," Bellham said.
The researchers found 5 periods with significantly higher numbers of large earthquakes compared to other times.
"In these periods, there were between 25 and 30 severe earthquakes a year," Bellham said.
"At the rest of the time, the average number was about 15 major earthquakes a year," he said.
Researchers have worked to establish interrelationship between these periods of severe seismic activity and other factors, and found that when Earth's rotation decreased slightly, there were periods of increased earthquakes.
"The earth's rotation is changing a little - sometimes a few milliseconds a day - and can be measured very accurately through atomic clocks," Bellham said.
Pelham and Pendek found that the periods of deceleration were five years followed by an increase in speed and violent seismic activity, which has happened several times over the last 150 years.
"It's clear," Pelham said.
"The Earth gives us a forecast for the next five years in terms of seismic activity," he said.
The Earth's rotation had been slowing down for four years, meaning that 2018 could see violent seismic activity.
Last week, Iraq witnessed a powerful earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale, hitting the border area with Iran, which resulted in hundreds of casualties and thousands of wounded, most of them in Iran.
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