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Kerry to Abbas: Do not give in to the demands of Trump!

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Kerry to Abbas: Do not give in to the demands of Trump!

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Kerry to Abbas: Do not give in to the demands of Trump!

2018/1/24 14:52

Kerry to Abbas - Do not give in to the demands of Trump

Sources in the Palestinian National Authority that former US Secretary of State John Kerry met in London with Hussein Agha, a close to President Mahmoud Abbas and asked him to convey a message to him.

"In his letter, Kerry called for his strong spirit," playing on time and not making any concessions "to US President Donald Trump, likely to Trump" will not last long. "Kerry spoke of the current US president in derogatory terms "
He also advised the Palestiniansto make a peace initiative of their own, reflect their positions in principle, stressing that he will make every effort to support this initiative, and the mobilization of support by European and Arab countries and the international community
He also noted Kerry, according to the report," Maariv, "that many Within the ruling circles of the United States, and in intelligence The US is dissatisfied with the performance of President Trump.
The sources said that Kerry Palestinian official told he was thinking seriously to contest the US presidential election in 2020. When asked about his age, Kerry said he was not older than Trump much, and it is not a problem for him.
Not John Kerry and Hussein al-Agha comment on newspaper reports on that. "
John Kerry, who served as secretary of state in 2013-2017, led US mediation efforts to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict before the end of direct negotiations in 2014
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