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Ten tips to protect computers

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Ten tips to protect computers

Unread postby admin » Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:17 am

Ten tips to protect computers

Published 21/09/2012 11:26 AM

Babinaoz - agencies: imposed virus attacks and security breaches of computers themselves in recent days, after that became commonplace now imposed on every person to protect his computer sector.
enhances those risks what the site "International Business Times" e-American, who confirmed that the chances of exposure to those attacks and intrusions increases when users connect to the Internet. He expected to be able hackers to get importantinformation from any device, without the user's knowledge. Here are the top ten tips to protect your computer: 1 - Install an appropriate program to combat viruses. the most important steps the defense needed to protect your PC from viruses, including viruses worms (worm) and Trojans (Trojan). Users are advised installation of an appropriate program for anti-virus software on the device, where there are many free programs as well as programs available in the market-driven. And can lead anti-virus program to slow the machine, but it represents the first step towards the protection device either from virus or infected attachments in e-mails. 2 - Install firewall software "fire wall" (firewall). designed to protect against intrusions and attacks hackers ( Hackers), which is known as software firewall "protection program." Also controls the data traffic across the network, where you examine the data packets that pass through the network, and the choice between allowing these packets to pass through to the computer or not. 3 - update the device first hand. because official updates typically include improvements, such as enhancing security and improving Performance. Moreover, it helps update the device to work seamlessly. 4 - Use caution when opening attachments in e-mails. should exercise caution when opening attachments contained e-mails on your PC, especially when hit you attachments in Inbox your email within anonymous letters . preferably detected email attachments through protection programs before opening them. 5 - Do not download files from untrusted websites. should be cautious when downloading programs or files from unknown websites. In some cases, these files may contain viruses or spyware, and perhaps sneak into your computer without your knowledge. 6 - Remove the temporary files. every surf the Internet, the computer is running store browsing information to increase speed. For example information is stored when you apply for online purchase, or use some banking services on the Internet. , but the user may not know that he had exposed its data to virus attack or breach of the pirates, and lose confidential information because he did not take the proper procedures to protect the device. 7 - Use a secure Internet browser. Users must choose a secure Internet browser. It features a Secure Browser provides greater protection of privacy, and tools to combat spyware allows secure communication network site. 8 - Use a complex password. in order to protect data should create a password long, complicated and keep them in a safe place, which makes it impossible for the pirates to steal. 9 - Install program of anti-malicious files. Users are advised to install a program to combat malicious files examines the personal computer, and disclose any Offsides, and helps to remove this type of file. 10 - encryption device "router". necessary encryption device "router" so as not easy any pirate of online access to your network, or possibly steal information stored on the computer.
Source: babnews
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