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Expectations of higher unemployment rates in America

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Expectations of higher unemployment rates in America

Unread postby admin » Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:08 am

Expectations of higher unemployment rates in America

12/13/2012 12:00 am

scenarios economists sketch 'scary', is expected to be in the U.S. markets during the next three weeks of the application the largest increase in taxes, and the largest reduction in the budget since the Second World War. Speaking experts from recession and millions of unemployed, and concerns about the impact of sequential global financial crisis, but it all depends on the reach of U.S. President Barack Obama in a timelyagreement on how to bypass the "brink of financial", which means the greatest austerity period too short, which warned of the Fed chairman (central bank) Ben Bernanke earlier this year. said Ben Bernanke, said that there are a lot of austerity measures and tax coincide more or less, in January next 2013, in a sign that the U.S. economy can to fall into the abyss at an accelerated pace, if the politicians did not reach an agreement in a timely manner, by taking measures to prevent it. According to economists, the tax increases ahead and social expenditures, as well as programs support the unemployed and the poor, which will expire end of this year, will be a huge threatening strangling consumption, so that 70 percent of U.S. GDP, depends on consumer spending. They pointed out that such procedures, to accelerate in the inhibition of the already weak economic growth, which could sweep the country into a depression. It is feared Budget Office U.S. Congress, the decline in economic growth rate of 0.5 percent initially, and the procedures reduce legal adopted by the United States starting from the year 2013 in a comprehensive manner across all classes and sectors, Stm economy a lot of factors strength, led by demand on products which threatens 3.4 million jobs. Economists said that U.S. actions expected, will determine the pace of the global economy, which called on the International Monetary Fund, to urge politicians in the United States several months ago to avoid "financial brink." And renewed Christine Lagarde Director General of the International Monetary Fund warned, saying: "If decline in U.S. economic growth, it will have an impact like (domino effect)" falling in relays affected by the fall of the first domino. " Lagarde felt that more countries will suffer this effect, are neighbors Canada and Mexico, and Europe and Japan, and then the rest of the economic zones in the world.

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