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Naval maneuvers in the Gulf warning to Iran of the consequences of the closure of "Hormuz"

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Naval maneuvers in the Gulf warning to Iran of the consequences of the closure of "Hormuz"

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Naval maneuvers in the Gulf warning to Iran of the consequences of the closure of "Hormuz"

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The aircraft carrier USS Ponce / AP

Divers jump from a helicopter in the Gulf waters to destroy a mine, in what is called a soldier from the U.S. Marines shot at the goal floats on the surface of the water, within the naval exercises involving forces of 41 countries, led by the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet off the coast of Iran. The training will be held on clearing mines near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, which Iran has threatened to close several times in the event of an attack on its nuclear program.

He called the Navy's Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain American group of journalists to attend the exercises, which lasts 25 days and ends on 30 May. Said Vice Admiral John Miller, commander of the Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain, said the operation "defensive only" does not target any specific country, but Tehran has warned of any "provocations" last week.

And spread a total of 35 سفية in the Gulf to participate in the process of "maneuvers on the Elimination of mines," their soldiers amphibious transport ship "USS Ponce" that have been modified to be used as a base on the surface of the water for mine clearance operations.

Among the ships also participate "USS اردانت the" sweeping for mines and ship "Cardagan Bay" British landing in addition to 18 without submarine crew for operations under water and 6,500 troops from the Navy.

During the maneuvers, sent down divers cords from helicopters "Seahawk" near the floating mines and explosives ألصقوا before Ischgloha the remote. In terms of underwater mines, submarines were sent without crews that are controlled from on board the "USS Ponce" placing explosives near those mines and their destruction.

Lieutenant Commander Peter Abbott on board the "USS Ponce" "The aim of these exercises is to increase our ability to work with our international partners ... It is a defensive exercises," explaining that the exercises this year, and in addition to the task of mine clearance, including protection of the marine infrastructure in addition to the protection of all oil platforms in the Gulf.

In addition to U.S. forces, involved troops from Britain, France, Germany and a number of Arab countries in these exercises. Said Captain Frederick Benon that "the French participation in these exercises greater than it was last year," he said, adding that the French navy sent a ship and divers to participate. Abbott stressed the importance of the exercises, referring to the need to protect the sea lanes of any attempts to shut down, especially in relation to the Strait of Hormuz, where it passes third Movable sea oil to the world.

The "Revolutionary Guard," Iran's costly closure of the Strait of Hormuz in the event of a dispute, but he did not ask him to do so ever after, but Tehran has embarked on what appears to be a response to the exercises, exercises to sweep mines east of the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf of Oman, according to the agency reported "Knight" last week.
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