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Canadian Defense Minister warns the inhabitants of the earth from alien invasion and reveals...

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Canadian Defense Minister warns the inhabitants of the earth from alien invasion and reveals...

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Canadian Defense Minister warns the inhabitants of the earth from alien invasion and reveals that the U.S. military recruiting creatures from other planets


Palm - an elderly man Bbzlh official voice sedate knew himself that he and Secretary of Defense major country, it is often bald head, speaking in front of others Bbzlat official conference seems important not even a serious and sensitive, and be the subject of his talk detection (flying objects is known), or, more accurately , (living space) .. Numbing it was clear to the audience platforms him but taking mounts when the minister began to reveal that the United States cooperate "with the men from space" to develop its army .. If it seemed all of this is familiar to you from addicts science fiction movies, or expected, because you are faithful theory of "conspiracy cosmic big", you can read the rest of the report without the possibility of exposure to shock, but if the first idea that came to Be it "scene tacky to film another," you certainly are a fan of romantic movies, and in any case you مخطأ too.

Canadian Defense Minister former, Paul هيليير, he decided to be "the first person of cabinets government states the eight major", which announces the news, and with the way the announcement, official and non-spirited as it was widely expected the news of this magnitude, it was a surprise, the details given by Hillier for the first time, which speaks of "seven races satellite" visited the earth, and "American technological cooperation with each other," constitute the biggest surprise.

هيليير was announced years ago, precisely in 2006, he had seen the official reports and highly sensitive indicate the presence of space activity on the ground knowledge of the major countries do, but to cooperate with him, but he says at this time, and in front of the Parliament of his country at the hearing held in late May 2013 that "there are strange beings exist on earth live now, and that at least two of them, perhaps working with the U.S. government."

He adds هيليير born in 1923 and winning an engineering degree to fly, and the minister, who was able to unite the leaders of the Canadian military, in a session publish recorded photographer on Web sites, that races seven other learned it from not long they are objects known objects long white, and this is when detecting Paul confidential (Western writer who specializes in international politics and economics), a story that occurred a few years ago with a former pilot Charles Hall.

He continues هيليير I had the opportunity to meet with the pilot hole and listened to the story amazing about his experience and he initially اقشعر skin for fear of these objects and then after that you know them and become each party trusts the other occurred working relationship correlation with those with monoclonal long white within the scope of the Nevada , and that these creatures were living within the land and property of the U.S. Air Force and they are working in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force and share technological expertise among them.

He says هيليير of listeners looked at each disbelief, when I was minister of national defense I had reports exciting talking about aliens alien UFO, but I have not seen them in a timely manner because I was preoccupied with the process of unification of the army, navy and air force and unite them in the strength of Canadian one, so that reports were not relevant to my interests.

And corrects the minister retired "but ten years ago began interested in the subject and decided to read the reports about these flying objects alien and it took a long time to read reduce the year 2005 has been impressed really including written, I have decided to myself that there is a big problem and really huge in these reports, and to the American people and the peoples of the world have the right to have them aware of what's going on because they are part of the subject and not deportees him ".

He goes هيليير "I have said previously that the aliens alien UFO is the fact that as a fact aircraft that we see flying over our heads in the air," adding, "This information made me to be in a privileged location that I am the only among the ministers of the Group of Eight to be privy to this exciting subject and told him myself. "

And lists هيليير memories "in the year 1960 I was at some time in the city Fiottla where I went on space alien southward through the territory of NATO in Europe, where the wounded chief of staff of the headquarters of NATO and then panicked after their arrival there, turned around and headed back toward the north again," noting " I've been investigating this whole topic was the preparation of documents and we came to the conclusion that at least four satellite races have visited Earth thousands of years later., and this is my own perspective I am proposing here. "

And confirms هيليير that "races visiting Earth now are three races and different objects," and draws saying, "Perhaps they have different tasks or a single task, but we can not be certain of this," he said sarcastically, "If we say that they have an agenda one, it is like saying that America and Russia and China to have one agenda. "

He continues, former Canadian minister "What care do now is full disclosure on this matter and I think that between 95 to 98% have been revealed and I think that the rest we do not have to be put to the public now, but maybe in another time."

And confirms هيليير in the detection of other serious "truth which says that there are civilizations more advanced exist in the universe may be facts modest but present but kept the concealment of this mystery of personal interest earned from the same entity that controls our destiny," and wondered, but what these special interest gained and to what aims. "

And answer the questioning by saying, "In my opinion, this is true but I have a broader definition and explained this league confidentiality and this league is composed of members of the three اخويات a consul on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission and the Union Banking International Union of oil and setups intelligence different elements elected by the military unit who together have become a shadow government not only the United States but to the rest of the parts of the world, that the aim of this game is the formation of a world government is composed of members of the League of secret elected by no one, according to observers, the plan is going well. "

It concludes هيليير by saying that "the only hope for peace is through settlement negotiations and this requires a change in trends U.S., which includes approach of cooperation with all human beings to build a world in which we meet together and building a banking system firm and make way for a shift towards new facts that تتوجب we live in harmony with our neighbors Strangers in the time that we strive for peace on earth. "

This is not the first time that lecturing the minister Paul هيليير confirming the presence of "aliens", it was confirmed in September of 2005, in a lecture at the University of Ottawa that he has information that compels him to believe that UFO exist, and emphasized that "the UFO and objects Space exists, as are the aircraft that fly in the air above our heads exist. "

He demanded هيليير the world's governments to lift the ban on publishing news related to these objects and أطباقها, "The League, at this stage, is to disclose, in public, that what we call" objects unidentified "is real and already exists and should peoples everywhere to know more about these objects, and the consequences of its existence, as ordinary people should know that aliens watching our planet and spied upon for more than half a century ago. "

The هيليير at the time a formal proposal to the Parliament of Canada which he called for an investigation on reports disseminated dishes plane, and justified his proposal by saying that "Canada is the countries most affected by this issue, the United States is currently the weapons to face the imminent invasion of the aliens you'll find Canada feel compelled to share it , and I was wondering what are the results that can ensue war of this kind face where civilizations from other planets. "

Although this is the only official statements which recognizes a leading figure in the government of a large country the existence of "aliens", but that man, and since the beginning of written history perhaps, talked about the "miraculous experiences," experienced by human beings at the hands of "visitors from space."

Is still confusion and uncertainty are Sir position when it comes to the mentioned aircraft dishes, scientists largely divided on this theory of faith that there is life again, without proving it, and the irony of it severe.

The incidents of clashes between military forces and dishes aircraft during periods of the past is what happened in an atmosphere of base DICE air in Abilene, Texas, when the two planes of the type (P-1 P) تقومان missions training, has picked capture devices in planes signals radar strange for a period of three days, and then saw a silver disc pilots fly behind them, at an altitude of 35 thousand feet, and when they changed their direction for complaining in the atmosphere rose rapidly.

It was a similar incident to قاذفتين of Strategic Command, at the airport of the U.S. forces in Manaheim in Germany, later pilot helicopters body a bright light red for a distance of more than fifty miles, and it was the flying saucer has appeared in the skies remained at a distance of 300 feet from an aircraft helicopter before it increases speed and disappears.

In Japan, almost two pilots from Kadena Air Base that Asagta Btaúrtehma in the ocean and two Itardan antibodies silver color, it has emerged six bodies of silver in the atmosphere does not increase the distance between the one and the other of which 20 feet and took a plane my type 3C length up to 113 feet, then reduced of altitude, try chased pilots, but they could not, because of the low altitude prevented it.

For more see possible to watch video on this link: ... 90295.html the

It also is possible to identify the biography of the minister on this link also: Http:// of
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