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Media adviser to Maliki denies resignation of Turki and accuses the news of "spreading confusion"

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Media adviser to Maliki denies resignation of Turki and accuses the news of "spreading confusion"

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Media adviser to Maliki denies resignation of Turki and accuses the news mongers of "spreading confusion"


Central bank of Iraq governor Abdul Basit TurkiPalm - denied media advisor to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday, the reports about the resignation of the President of the BSA's central bank governor Agency Abdul Basit Turki from office, he promised to promote the news "targeted deliberately for the purpose of extortion," while accusing the media, which promoted the news work on "spreading confusion" in the financial market and cash.

Ali al-Moussawi said in a statement issued today, and got "news agency palm", a copy of it, that "some of the media promoted the story naked on health for the resignation of alleged Dr. Abdul Basit Turki Head Office of Financial Supervision and the Governor of the Central Bank of the agency", stressing that "we do not We consider this a transient error, but deliberately targeted for extortion purposes and to spread confusion in the financial and monetary market. "

Moussawi called "This means to stop this approach, which spared the professional side and into our circle prosecution."

The local media published on Monday, (September 9, 2013), a story about the resignation of the President of the Board of Supreme Audit and Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit Turki agency from office.

The Cabinet decided to Iraqi (16 October 2012), the prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki functions of the central bank governor and the agency rather than the Governor of the Bank Previous Shabibi on charges of issues of financial and administrative corruption in the bank, especially in operations Auction dollars.

And met with the issue of the dismissal of governor of the Iraqi Central Bank international reactions mixed as called for U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Stephen Beecroft on the 25th of the month of October 2012, to a transparent investigation in this case because it represents great importance for the Iraqi economy, as stressed by the World Bank on the need for a transparent investigation in this case, pointing to the lack of knowledge of chaos that prevailed Central Bank of Iraq, which Iraqi officials have talked about.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives formed in August 2012, a committee to investigate the facts about the auction sales daily to the dollar at the central bank and the people who have access to hard currency and checking sales figures, and includes the heads of the two financial, economic and BSA and the number of Representatives, and the Committee submitted its report on the work of the bank early October First past, then returned the House of Representatives and the form of the sixth of the month of November Current another committee to investigate the implications of the work of the Central Bank and includes the President of the Economic Commission Haider al-Abadi and Chairman of the Finance Committee, Ahmed al-Alwani and the Governor of the Central Bank and Agency Abdul Basit Turki, and under the direct supervision of the Presidency of the Parliament.

The Abdul Basit Turki was born in modern - Anbar province in 1953 and holds a Ph.D. in fiscal and monetary policies of the Faculty of Management and Economics - University of Mustansiriya 1996.

And recognizes the Turkish several positions including tasks and his current job as head of the Office of Financial Supervision in October 2004 and worked as a lecturer at Baghdad University and Al-Mustansiriya University, was nominated to serve as an expert international financial architecture in the area of ​​government budgets, and to work as an adviser to the Minister of Finance of Namibia within the aid of the Arab Bank of Africa, a member of the Economists Association Iraqis.
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