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Ahmed Bureihi the hot candidate for the post of governor of the Central Bank

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Ahmed Bureihi the hot candidate for the post of governor of the Central Bank

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Ahmed Bureihi the hot candidate for the post of governor of the Central Bank

09/11/2013 (00:01 pm)

Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit TurkiBAGHDAD / agencies

A source familiar with that Dr. Ahmed Bureihi of the most important candidates for the position of Governor of Central Bank of Iraq, rather than the conservative current Abdul Basit Turki, who assumed that position the agency for nearly a full year, as well as his basis president of the BSA. The press sources said the Iraqi Central Bank Governor agency Abdul Basit Turki had submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki "because of not being able to manage work at the Central Bank and the Office of Financial Supervision."
The sources pointed out that"Turkey is no longer manages requests for central and mail signature central bank Stack weeks ago throughout."
But the Iraqi Central Bank denied what appeared in the media for providing the province of Acting President of the Office of Financial Supervision Abdul Basit Turki resigned from the bank or SAI.
said an official source at the central bank in a press statement that "untrue news that circulated by some media about the central bank governor Acting President of the Office of Financial Supervision Abdul Basit Turki to resign from the bank or the court," calling on the media, "which picked up the news to the" accuracy and credibility in their work . "as quoted by media sources for a member of the Integrity Commission Parliamentary high Nassif say that they" had contacts with the Central Bank has confirmed its survival conservative Agency Abdul Basit Turki in office. "The Economic Commission parliamentary revealed the intention to host the central bank governor and agency Abdul Basit Turki" in order to develop correct policy in the next budget, "that" the central bank failed to invest in Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar, "he said, adding that his committee" called for the central bank to work to raise the value of the dinar and the Iraqi currency against other currencies and the development of strategic incorrect to give dinar position correctly in order to improve the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar and thus the purchasing value of the dinar and the citizen strong. "
After the withdrawal of Iraq from the penalty provisions of Chapter VII was expected to rise back up the Iraqi Central Bank's foreign currency and gold.
came leaks resignation of Turkish from his position at the Central Bank of sync with a visit by Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi to the bank and meeting with the bank building in Baghdad, Governor of the Bank and the Agency Abdul Basit Turki and discussed with him the efforts to resolve the issues of money laundering and corruption. According to a statement of the Office of the President of the House of Representatives that Najafi, "stressed the importance of developing a strategy for coordination between fiscal policy Ministry of Finance and the monetary policy of the central bank. "and called Najafi to" speed resolution of issues related to money laundering, corruption and the protection of Iraqi funds, especially after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII. "
noted a source familiar with that, "Dr. Ahmed Bureihi bank vice governor, former candidate for the job," Indicating that there was a "consensus of the members of the Finance Committee and economists chosen because it possesses extensive experience make the central bank will work on the management of the bank in the coming period."
and Bureihi born in Yusifiya, Baghdad in 1948, graduated from the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Baghdad, the Department of Statistics in 1970 and then got In 1975, a master's degree in economics from the University of Baghdad, specialty development economics and investment, and a doctorate in economics from the University of Baghdad, the specialization of macroeconomic and monetary relations International in 1991.
worked in circles and Iraqi Ministry of Planning since 1973, then moved to work in Central Bank in 2003, where he served as a member of the Board of Directors and then as a consultant and vice-governor.
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