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Adoption of the oil and gas law contributes to the increase of national income

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Adoption of the oil and gas law contributes to the increase of national income

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Experts: Adoption of the oil and gas law contributes to the increase of national income

17/09/2013 12:00 AM

 Adoption of the law of oil contributes to the increase of national income
Amid calls for legislation before the end of the current session of Parliament
not to pass the law of oil and gas affects the economy of the country negatively contribute to attracting companies invested for the Advancement of oil situation
BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
with near the end of the current legislative session, called on parliamentarians and economists to approve the draft law of oil and gas, as an organizer and founder of the oil policy transparent and deal properly with companies investing in this area, it also opens up broad prospects for activating the service sectors that contribute to the reconstruction of the country's infrastructure.
member of the Oil and Energy Committee in Parliament MP Furat al-Shara told (morning): "It is necessary that the proceed with this law in the rest of the age the current legislative session, "calling on lawmakers to move quickly in order to pass. increase production and saw Shara that this law contributes significantly increase production, which purports to Iraq to achieve, adding that he found the oil policy and clear transparent and framed the interaction between local and central governments, as established to deal properly between companies invested Iraqi and foreign giant among oil firms. , and between a member of the Committee that the law has economic feasibility big and the other moral, economic ones come indirectly by attracting oil companies invested and clear policy that make the oil firms competitive for the advancement of their betterment and the performance of its role, as well as moral which show the nature of the deal and deal and cut the road either ways of financial and administrative corruption. constitute oil revenues, 94 percent of the country's revenues, accounting for imports of crude oil exports in 2012 to 94.03 billion dollars, and represented an increase of up to 13 percent on the previous year. legal cover and added Shara said the law would be and establishes prescribed legal cover and clear متعاملا do in the area and have a weight internationalist and international, on the grounds that it regulates the relationship and draws transparency, as well as it establishes the nucleus out of the Many of the differences between the center and the Kurdistan region, in addition to increased rates of production and storage of crude oil and gases that need to cover a legitimate method of working out and marketed and exported. Committee member said that there is a hierarchy between the oil and gas law and other laws, including the law of the national oil company major, and the Investment Law and other laws of SOA, as it paves the legislation and the application of important laws concerning agriculture and industry, pointing out that the oil enters in the manufacture of petrochemicals on the one hand and fertilizer on the other hand. revealed Shara for a strategic plan and national belonging to the field of energy starting from the year 2013 until the year 2030, especially that at the end of the year 2017 will see a significant increase in national production, stressing the need to activate the factories and companies where they are operated by legislation and the application of the law of oil and gas. supported Committee member contribution of local governments in approving contracts and follow-up and supervision in trading oil with companies invested in this area, noting that the law of the provinces (21) gives the right of local governments in the field of oil. activation of the national industry , in turn, considered the economic expert Abdul Hassan Shammari said rebuilding Iraq starts from the enactment of the oil and gas and beyond will begin and apply the laws of economics and other service successively one after the other. He called Shammari in his speech for the (morning) to activate the national industry and activate the file gas to help build the Iraqi economy, especially as the oil and gas law of important laws for building the Iraqi state and building the Iraqi economy, as it is in the case of adoption of this law will become the central government strong and dominant properly , on the grounds that the most important detail in the Iraqi economy and its construction is oil. mainstay The expert added that the economy is the main pillar for building countries, in the case of orientation to produce 6 million barrels, in the year 2016, in addition to the oil licensing rounds, which is the first of its kind in the region, as it must check the central government ambitions economic development through this wealth and the vast amount of oil and rebuild Iraq build a new, urging those responsible to take the bold decision to approve oil and gas law as was the case in approving the budget year 2013. negative effects felt Shammari said failure to approve oil law and gas affects the economy of the country negatively, explaining that the construction of economic infrastructure for the reconstruction of Iraq in the sectors of agriculture, industry and building bridges and solve the housing crisis, all could be activated by oil wealth owned by the country and not export the product whole to other countries. indicated that Iraq declared in last June for starting the implementation of the strategic plan and an integrated national energy extends up to the year 2030 aims to make this country a diverse economy and achieve sustainable development by relying on oil, which is a supplier president of the country's budget, as Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani at a conference attended by "morning" that decision was taken two years ago to develop a strategic plan integrated and are ready for implementation, noting that the implementation of this plan will jump Iraq Agafrh big forward. plan includes strategy that extends from 2013 to 2030, all the major components of the sectors of energy, particularly oil and natural gas and electric power.
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