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Abu Raghef: Abdul Mahdi will set ten priorities and this is our early position of his candidacy

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Abu Raghef: Abdul Mahdi will set ten priorities and this is our early position of his candidacy

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Abu Raghef: Abdul Mahdi will set ten priorities and this is our early position of his candidacy

2018/10/5 17:46

Abu Raghef - Abdul Mahdi will set ten priorities and this is our early position of his candidacy

The spokesman for the National Wisdom Stream, Nofal Abu Raghef, said that "the Prime Minister-designate, Adel Abdul Mahdi, according to our reading close to its airspace and continuous mobility, will set 10 priorities for his next government."
Abu Raghef said in a press statement: "We believe that Abdul Mahdi will go on to set ten basicpriorities in his next journey, and the first three will be the compass in guiding performance, these three are [security and economic mobility and the promotion of decentralization], and this is what we understand through our constant discussions and discussions in this context".
He stressed that "they are key axes that would create a qualitative shift in the Iraqi scene in general," stressing "the need to grant broader powers to the provinces and dismantle the bottlenecks known in the way of dealing between the organs of state and ministries."
He added that "the stream of national wisdom was from the beginning and still supports and encourages the nomination of Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi as an independent national figure with a cognitive, administrative and political dimension, and did not reserve our current to any person nominated for this mandate, and raised by some media about the existence of a reservation or lack of support , Is part of its approach to excitement and mixing of papers.
Abu Raghef called on "everyone to support Abdul Mahdi and facilitate his mission and not to find obstacles and bumps in front of what he wants to offer to Iraq," noting that "our support is multiplied by being independent of party affiliation, not belonging to a political bloc or party or electoral list."
He stressed that "the stream of wisdom is a key supporter of this government and that the position of Mr. Ammar al-Hakim clear from the outset in this mandate."
"We disagree with Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr in what he said recently," he said. "These are general principles that fall within the context in which Mr. Sadr used to be in his previous speeches. He is not surprised, he is appreciated, and we in the [Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction] The descriptions "urged" political parties to accelerate the support of Abdul-Mahdi in the formation of his government and reduce the limits of demands and overcome obstacles. "
Abu Ragheef pointed out that "it is natural that there is a difference in some technical aspects and is a resource of discussion and not a dispute, and some of them related to the mechanisms of selection and conditions when the nomination of ministries and commissioning public sites," noting that "there are political parties that see that the ministers are outside the House of Representatives completely , And we are in the wisdom to see the necessity or obligation to exclude members of the House of Representatives it is illogical to prohibit the sites of service to them unless there are real obstacles to the aggressor.
"We are with the technocrats in general, and if there are political technocrats, we do not see what they are trying to prevent from facing advanced positions and executive positions, and this does not prevent the existence of independent technocrats in the ministerial cabins alongside the political technocrats."
"The difference in views and in the way to understand the appropriate procedures for the Iraqi reality, is not an obstacle in the formation of the government and should not take more than it deserves, it is important that the government goes within the constitutional ceiling," noting that " And the experience of well-established, efficient and national in this government, whether they have a political background or not. "
He added that "the stream of wisdom optimistic about the new political scene and the balance of Presidents Barham Salih and Abdul Mahdi," noting that "the granting of a deadline for Abdul Mahdi is not new, but was informed of him in advance, a supporter and adopt it clearly."
He stressed that "we do not insist and call for the imposition of a candidate for any advanced position in the state, but we insist on the need to overcome the failures of the governments ended and benefit from their experiences," adding that "there is no caste or status or political knowledge requires that the technocrats independent."
He pointed out that "wisdom gives full freedom to the prime minister-designate in the formation of his team, but we do not see the right to close the door to the competencies and energies eligible for management under certain headings," noting that "Abdul Mahdi will not be a cabins in the way points and volumes of blocks and seats as is the case at times Former ".
Abu Ragheif pointed out that "the political obstruction and the decline in service reality and the pressure of the street and the position of the Supreme Reference Council and the crises of the country during the past two years has made the country's leaders and decision-makers in front of the choice of agreement on the nomination of Abdul Mahdi, a balanced figure very confident in his ability to find political balances, Government and state. "
"We support him and we believe in strengthening his government from within and enhancing its external success factors," he stressed.
Abu Ragheef stressed that "the difference of views with others will not be an obstacle in the formation of the government, and here we renew the position of clear wisdom in support of Abdul Mahdi, and deny any position other than that is inaccurate and incorrect and stand behind the usual bodies of this behavior, Or requirements, but give full freedom in the formation of his government.
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