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Study: "ibuprofen" can prolong life

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Study: "ibuprofen" can prolong life

Unread postby admin » Thu Dec 25, 2014 12:09 pm

Study: "ibuprofen" can prolong life

12/25/2014 07:49

Study - ibuprofen can prolong life

The results of the scientific study of preparation "ibuprofen" he is able to extend the life of laboratory organisms such as mice and nematodes. In light of these results listed this product in the list of preparations that prolong life, such as "aspirin" and "metformin" which lowers the blood sugar level . tested the world, Michael Polemiens scientific team fromthe University of Texas, this lotion on yeast, worms and fruit flies. As a result of this test proved extend the life of yeast by 17 percent, nematodes and fruit flies by 10 percent. It should be noted that the lotion "ibuprofen" drug anti-inflammatory, of propionic acid group, which relieves pain and reduces heat. This article eliminate inflammation within the body, which show with aging, which also seems to accelerate the aging. In addition to this, the results of different analyzes have shown that people who eat this product over a long period of time, less susceptible to Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. But did not discover the reason for that yet. As the scientific team discovered that the product is not the level of some of the amino acids in the yeast cells. Is this form of this preparation helps to prolong life?.
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