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Parliament ends its first meeting with the President and his deputies for their constitutional dutie

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Parliament ends its first meeting with the President and his deputies for their constitutional dutie

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Parliament ends its first meeting with the President and his deputies for their constitutional duties (expanded)

2018/9/16 16:20

Parliament ends its first meeting with the President and his deputies for their constitutional duties

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The House of Representatives was elected after the resumption of the first session of the first legislative term of its first legislative year in its fourth legislative session under the chairmanship of Deputy Mohammad Ali Zinni, head of the age and the presence of 282 deputies, on Sunday, Bashir Haddad deputy chairman of the Council, Constitutional.

A statement issued by the Information Office of the Council, received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it today, that "at the outset of the meeting, announced the President of the AgeMP Mohammad Ali Zini on the nomination of deputies Bashir Khalil Tawfiq and Ahmad Hama Rashid for the second deputy speaker of the House of Representatives after they received in the first round of the election On top of the vote. "
Zini announced the victory of MP Khalil al-Haddad in the confidence of the Council in the run-off with 185 votes out of the 282 deputies voted to become deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, compared to 53 votes for MP Ahmad Hama Rashid, as well as the registration of 16 blank sheets and 28 invalid papers.
The head of the senate called Mohamed Halboussi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan Karim al-Kaabi, First Vice-President of the Council and Bashir Al-Haddad, Vice-President of the Council to assume their duties.
Mohamed El Halboussi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, congratulated the deputies for their duties, and expressed his thanks and appreciation to the President of the Age, Mr. Mohamed Ali Zinni for his role in conducting the meetings.
For his part, MP Mohammed Ali Zinni in his speech after the end of his administration of the meetings on the need to serve Iraq to improve the reality of control and service and accountability of the defaulters and detect the sites of corruption and imbalance during previous governments, as well as improving the standard of living for citizens, pointing to the need to make strenuous efforts to serve the people, Resort to quotas and rely on efficiency and professionalism in the selection of responsibilities.
For his part, Al-Halbusi expressed his gratitude for the confidence gained by the deputies to make this legislative session a serious beginning in the path of reform, development, construction, reconstruction and stability. He pointed out that what happened today is not related to the election of the presidency but only the beginning of a real journey to a new phase in the history of Iraq .
He added that the new stage will contribute to the consolidation of the principles of the Constitution, pointing to the work of the legislative institution in liaison with the executive and independent institutions to enforce methods and capabilities, ideas and new plans in order to obtain different results, noting that it will not be a share to satisfy the party or component in the institution of this state, Iraq, stressing the importance of work in the reconstruction of liberated areas and the promotion of services as well as the work of the House of Representatives during the coming period to complete the necessary legislation, especially that is still in the inclusion of the Council throughout the last three sessions and work to make the government work by correcting performance and To hold accountable and face corruption in all its forms.
The President of the Council pointed out that corruption caused destruction, debt, death, blood, underdevelopment and poverty. The time has come for the people to make their decisive decision to prevent corrupt people from obtaining other opportunities and to grant free and fair competencies an opportunity to correct the course and initiate the reform process. The formation of committees to investigate the allegations of any party was proved that the failure of the work of the institution or any person therein will be held accountable as we will take legal proceedings against those who exceeded the legislative institution without right, thanking the deputies in the third election session and the President Former deputies Salim al-Jubouri and his deputies Hammam Hamoudi and Yaram Sheikh Mohammed.
After that, the Council read the Surat Al-Fatihah in honor of the martyrs of Iraq.
For his part, the official representative of the government, Turhan Mufti, said in his speech during the session that the two presidents of the council and their vice presidents will take their posts. He expressed the hope that the new session of the council will be full of activities and joint work between the executive and legislative authorities to complete the laws.
Then the President of the Council announced the opening of the candidacy for the post of President of the Republic and the publication of instructions later through the website of the House of Representatives.
Halabousi pointed out that the House of Representatives will begin his work by going to Basra on Monday to find out the basic needs and services and discuss the problems suffered by the province.
The President of the Council of Representatives to form a committee chaired by two Vice-President of the Council to begin the process of the distribution of deputies to the parliamentary committees.
It was then decided to adjourn the session until Tuesday 25/9/2018
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