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The former US administration and the consequences of its mistakes

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The former US administration and the consequences of its mistakes

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The former US administration and the consequences of its mistakes?


The former US administration and the consequences of its mistakes

The mistakes of the former American politicians in the Middle East, after leaving office, can not be borne by the Americans, and certainly not by the American politicians, but by the peoples and leaders of the region with them. The leaders of the region are the ones who deal with the consequences of these mistakes. What was destroyed by it.
The "late mistakes" are a source of livelihood for the former politicians. They are the salt of their television interviews, which they conduct with a great deal of money. They are the core of their books and the seminars they hold. The guest must come in their talk shows or the writer with a new news. Tops the bulletins, otherwise it is useless to host it, not better than the news of acknowledgment of past mistakes.
John Kerry, the former secretary of state, told CNN in Davos last week, in response to a question about whether Iran had used part of the $ 150 billion it had receivedafter lifting sanctions to support terrorist groups. Settlement Debt claims amounted to about $ 55 billion, received by Iran, which may be sent part of it to groups classified as terrorist ».
Kerry said: "I think that part of these funds reached the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and other entities classified as terrorist organizations." "There is nothing the United States can do to prevent this." is over.
The question is whether Kerry's endorsement will be the last in the series of declarations of American mistakes after leaving office. Did not Hillary Clinton precede it? Singer, Madeleine Albright and others?
Did not John Kerry insist when the "nuclear" negotiations were going on in full swing that their policy is well thought out, and that they would give assurances on the good conduct of Iran after the agreement?
Did not they accuse those who disagree then that he does not want peace, not an ally, and that those who disagree with him are just as hard-line as Iran's hard-line wing does not want peace?
Did not they give assurances that Iran's behavior was improving, and that it was the civilized partner with historical depth? Did not they assert that there is a wing for the moderates led by Jawad Zarif, who will push to moderation and meet the entitlement of human rights and will improve the neighborhood and ... and ... and ...?
Do you remember how Kerry defended Zarif, and how did he portray him as facing a hard-line wing, and he must be helped?
Do you remember the uproar that arose in Iran because of Zarif's image in line with John Kerry in Geneva after a long session of talks, and Iranian newspapers wrote that Zarif was "walking on the blood of the martyrs" and all that propaganda that depicted Iran with two wings, one hardliner and the other moderate?
Did not we assure them then that their policy is wrong, and that the Iranian regime is a bloody terrorist that does not have a wing of moderation and a strong wing, but a source of terrorism, and that their entry into the Middle East is one of the most important reasons for increasing the frequency of terrorism?
Then we were wrong, and John Kerry was right. Five years later, Kerry appeared in public and said: "The possibility that Iran has funded terrorist groups from the money it has recovered from America! Prospect? He knows it is certain.
But this is not what angers. What is irritating is the indifference to the consequences of those mistakes. John Kerry does not pay any attention to the fact that the victims of his sin were captured and killed, children, women and the elderly were displaced. Their mistakes are not paper calculations, but their mistakes lie with people and societies, and it takes years and efforts to heal those wounds that they leave behind.
What the mullahs did in Iran or in the Middle East was with the unlimited support of Barack Obama's administration, and John Kerry, the godfather of the nuclear deal, on whose hand Iran recovered $ 55 billion, with the money being displaced, killed, and displaced by millions of people. Because of Iran, proxy wars and conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon are being waged, and because of Iran, now every day young people are dying for us and we are paying the cost of defending our countries billions. "We can not do anything about it," Kerry says, meaning that they can not do anything about this terrorism, which has cost millions of lives.
Those awakenings that every US official is responsible for after leaving office assure us that they do not know us. Even if they know us well, they do not care about us. They may know and care. Decisions affecting our region, our security and our safety are our sole responsibility, and the independence of our decisions, For their policy, we alone bear the consequences, and that the Arabs who still think that the Americans are right even when they make mistakes to get out of their illusion!
Sawsan Al Shaer
Middle east
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