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Google Earth expert discovers "missing Malaysian plane site"

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Google Earth expert discovers "missing Malaysian plane site"

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Google Earth expert discovers "missing Malaysian plane site"

2018/9/21 13:54

Google Earth expert discovers missing Malaysian plane site

{International: Euphrates News} A person who did a thorough search on Google Earth maps said he had found the location of the Malaysian plane, which was lost nearly four years ago.
Matthew Bates, the owner of Google Earth, claims to have found the Boeing 777, which was on the MH370 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in 2014, before disappearing.
Bates was found in a Cambodian forest after using 3D technologyto conduct the search, based on the findings of expert Ian Wilson.
"Google Earth has uncovered new evidence that the Malaysian plane has not disappeared," said special investigator Andrzej Milen, adding that the search results must be approved and a team of investigators should be sent to the alleged location.
"Google Earth provides all the details, such as image, location, time and coordinates, all details are available."
Google Earth relies on satellite images, and the footage of those satellites can be contained on passenger planes during its flights.
The investigator explained that the length of the plane on Google Earth is about 70 meters, slightly longer than the length of the Boeing 777, which is 63.7 meters, adding: "It seems he was trying to land on the side of a mountain .. The captain landed at 45 degrees, which May help the plane stay healthy. "
The story of the crash was different. Some say the plane was hijacked, some say it was destroyed by a "mysterious" weapon, some believed to have landed on an unknown island, and others say it was dropped in water.
He was also believed to have carried out the jet fuel and then landed in the South Indian Ocean, but no debris was found, and the search was suspended in January last year.
Milen is likely to have been caught in the middle of her journey, which is likely to have been adopted by a number of experts and institutions
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