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So find your lost silent phone

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So find your lost silent phone

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So find your lost silent phone

2018/10/28 14:10

So find your lost silent phone

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Users who put their mobile phones into silent mode often lose their devices anywhere, while having difficulty finding their location because hearing the phone ring is not possible in that situation.
The homes where children live most of the owners to mute the phone in order not to disturb the young people with any contact may be returned to them at any time.
From our everyday experiences, most of us have certainly experienced this experience, which may sometimes be funny and more annoying at other times, especially when we inspect our mobile phones for a connection or to browse the Internet and spend various works on phones. And then we may spend a long time and we are looking for the place of the phone to find him after a long trouble do not need to wear it.
International media have published a simple technical solutionto find any lost device running Android or iOS by playing a repeated sound on the device indicating its location even if it is set to silent mode.
For Apple phones, Sky News reported that if you are a user of Apple's iOS device, whether for iPhone or iPad, you can log on to the computer at and sign in with the Apple ID account, which is the same account you use To download apps from the App Store.
After logging in with your username and password, the Find My iPhone button appears below. When you press it, the phone searches for the phone and identifies it on the map as a green dot.
Then, press the green dot and select Play Sound. You will then hear a repeated tinkle sound from the lost phone.

As for Android users, whether from Samsung or Huawei or others, it is not much different. Just log in to Google's site .
You must sign in to the Gmail account used on the device itself, that is, the account you use to download apps from the Goofle Play store.
When you log in, the device is searched, the location is accurately located on the map, and the Play Sound option, Place the device when pressed.
This option requires that the device be connected to the Internet, whether over Wi-Fi or packet data, and if the device is not connected to the Internet or stopped working for some reason, the search should be manual in this case.
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