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Parliament votes on the rights of the martyrs of the massacre Spyker and recommendations to resolve

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Parliament votes on the rights of the martyrs of the massacre Spyker and recommendations to resolve

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Parliament votes on the rights of the martyrs of the massacre Spyker and recommendations to resolve the housing crisis {expanded}

2019/7/11 19:23

Parliament votes on the rights of the martyrs of the massacre Spyker and recommendations to resolve the housing crisis

The House voted in its 32nd session held under the chairmanship of Mohammed al-Halbusi, the President of the Council, on Thursday, in the presence of 196 deputies on two laws and recommendations to resolvethe housing crisis and ended reading two laws and the report of the Finance Committee on sales of the Kurdistan region of oil.
According to the statement of the Information Department of the Council, received {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that at the beginning of the meeting, the Council postponed the vote on the draft amendment to the first law of elections provincial councils and districts No. 12 of 2018 and submitted by the legal committees and regions and provinces to the next session to give parliamentary blocs an opportunity to mature.
The President noted the need to provide suitable conditions for the broad participation of citizens in the elections in a manner not inconsistent with Article 20 of the Constitution, and commended the efforts of the legal committees and regions in the legislation of the law.
The Board completed the vote on the amnesty bill of tax penalties and submitted by the Finance Committees, the economy and investment for the purpose of giving an opportunity for taxpayers to resolve their position and the settlement of their crimes and in order to resolve the tax from the financial authority crimes and meet the amount of tax owed by taxpayers.
The Council voted on draft The Martyr Martyr Majid al-Tamimi, the martyr of the martyrs and victims 'committees, political prisoners and human and legal rights, in order to condemn the crime committed by the terrorist gangs at the air base in June 2014 and to bring the martyrs' families to justice. Justice through law enforcement and preventing perpetrators from impunity and to compensate those affected financially and morally and to inform the international community of crimes gangs and advocates of terrorism and to commemorate the martyrs and to document the crime and facts.
The President announced Halabousi hosting the Ministers of Oil and Finance and the President of the Office of Federal Financial Supervision and the representative of the Prime Minister regarding the implementation of the budget bill 2019 in the coming sessions, pointing out that the ministers did not abstain from attending today's meeting.
The Council completed the first reading of the draft law of the Nursing Syndicate submitted by the Committee of Civil Society and Development Institutions in view of the changes that have taken place in the nursing and midwifery professions since 1959 and the increase in the number of males involved in the profession and in line with the law of practicing nursing and midwifery professions No. 96 of 2012 and the importance of fulfilling the wishes of nursing and midwifery staffs In organizing their affairs and joining a union that manages their affairs and defends their rights, develops their cognitive abilities and skills and improves their economic and social level.
The Council then voted on the recommendations for solving the housing crisis presented by the Strategic Planning Committee and monitoring the implementation of the government program. It also includes the importance of legislating a package of laws related to resolving the housing crisis and finding a top executive sector to solve the housing problems. Of the state institutions and obliging the government to implement the national housing policy of Iraq and to provide the Council of Representatives with a quarterly report on the rates of implementation and monitoring the financial allocations required in the annex to the current year and the next budget and the government's commitment to the census of population and housing and Counter databases and evidence of land and that the Ministry of Finance in coordination with the Central Bank to establish a program for real estate finance and the Council of Ministers to review Resolution No. 70 of the year 2019 and discussed ways to implement it .
Recommendations included the promotion of the national industry of construction materials with the adoption of the government For the method of processing citizens with locally produced building materials and obliging the government to activate the laws of the institutions of martyrs, prisoners and victims of terrorist operations by distributing plots of land or residential units as well as the adoption of the insurance policy on non-payment of the borrower and insurance on the life of the borrower Z and insurance on the housing unit and obligate the provincial councils and governors to determine the amounts allocated from the budgets of the development of regions for oil companies for the purposes of infrastructure projects in addition to preparing a mechanism for pricing housing units at selling prices to the citizen in the projects of the Investment Authority and the preparation of designs And the adoption of the debt collection law No. 56 of 1977 in the contracts with regard to the recovery of state loans and the preparation of an integrated plan for the conversion of industrial and unoccupied areas into urban residential complexes and the commitment of the National Investment Authority The announcement of investment projects and the need to amend the federal government to state its program in line with the recommendations.
The adoption Halbusi Presidency of the Council of Representatives of the recommendations of the housing crisis , a report with the House of Representatives and observations approached by the government.
During the session, which was chaired by Vice President Bashir Haddad, the council completed reading a report and discussion on the proposal of the National Olympic Committee of Iraq, submitted by the Youth, Sports and Legal Committees.
The deputies were asked to take the view of the government in the legislation of the law to include financial burdens with the need to wait for the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee and the definition of the General Assembly and the prevention of any practice aimed at discrimination, while demanding the reformulation of some materials to be consistent with the objectives of the Olympic Committee and see the experiences of other countries to reach To a law adapted to the development of sport and the laws in force.
In turn, Hassan Al-Kaabi stressed his keenness to fully support the role of the Youth and Sports Committee in this role and the exclusion of all indicators that talk about the government's interference in sport. He pointed out the importance of the Youth and Sports Committee has an active role especially with the efforts exerted by it through holding meetings and seminars with the concerned authorities She praised her role in giving a clear picture of modern Iraq during participation in the meetings of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, stressing the importance of supporting the Council for Youth and Sports Committee and supporting the sports movement and its development in Iraq.
The Finance Committee followed a report prepared by the Minister of Finance and Director General of the Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) on the sale of oil exported from the Kurdistan region as well as Article 10 / II / C of the budget bill for fiscal year 2019. {Text of the report of hosting the Minister of Finance}
It was then decided to adjourn the session until Saturday 20/7/2019
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