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Barzani of Paris: Our relations with Baghdad are going for the better

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Barzani of Paris: Our relations with Baghdad are going for the better

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Barzani of Paris: Our relations with Baghdad are going for the better

2019/7/12 10:50

Barzani of Paris - Our relations with Baghdad are going for the better

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The head of the Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani, said that relations "with Baghdad are moving for the better, and we hope to resolve and on the basis of the Iraqi constitution, the outstanding problems for years, and confident that we and the new Iraqi governmentheaded by Adel Abdul Mahdi, and we will be able to find Solutions to our problems. "
Barzani said in a speech during a meeting with the Kurdish community and friends of Kurdistan in Paris as part of his visit to the French capital "I am very pleased, as part of our visit to Paris, to meet today with the Kurdish community in Paris, welcome, and welcome and capacity, and I am pleased to attend with us Here, along with the Kurdish community, our French friends, the Iraqi ambassador in Paris, and representatives of a number of embassies of friendly countries. "
"Our visit to Paris came at the invitation of the French President, Mr. Emmanuel Macaron, and we had a good meeting with him yesterday at the Elysee Palace, as you know, the relations of the Kurdistan Region and the public relations of the Kurdistan region with France are historical relations, The first that took the decision to establish a safe haven in the Kurdistan region at the time, to protect our people, and continued these relations afterwards with the French state, especially with President Mitteran.
"Before the events of the referendum by a year, France had a very large political role in helping the Kurdistan region again, and I think that without this French political role in that period, which was very difficult, it was not known which direction the situation in Kurdistan would take" "France opened its political doors in the face of our people and made serious efforts with other European countries and with Baghdad to solve the problems."
"I am pleased to say that a year and a few months after our meeting with President Makron, Kurdistan reached a very different stage from that of the previous one. Our relations with Baghdad are moving towards the best. We hope that on the basis of the Iraqi constitution we will resolve outstanding problems for years. That we and the new Iraqi government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi, we will be able to find solutions to the problems between us.
He went on to say that "the issue of the Kurds in the Middle East, a serious issue must be solved politically in the countries in which the Kurds live, each country according to their specificities," adding, "We look with great optimism to the conditions of the Kurdistan Region and strive to keep the Kurdistan Region, Every time, a stabilizer in the region in general. "
The French President, Emmanuel Macaron, met with Nechirvan Barzani at the Elysee Palace on Wednesday. The two sides discussed several issues of mutual interest. The President of the Kurdistan Region met with French Foreign Minister John Yves Laudrian and the Mayor of Paris.
He described the Nigerian Barzani meeting with Macron good, expressing his thanks for the role of France after the referendum on independence, also called on the French President to visit Erbil as part of his planned visit to Iraq.
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