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Mutlaq criticizes the performance of Abdul Mahdi and describes his government as "the worst and corr

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Mutlaq criticizes the performance of Abdul Mahdi and describes his government as "the worst and corr

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Mutlaq criticizes the performance of Abdul Mahdi and describes his government as "the worst and corrupt" (expanded)

2019/7/12 22:44

Mutlaq criticizes the performance of Abdul Mahdi and describes his government as the worst and corrupt

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) criticized the head of the National Dialogue Front, leader of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction, Saleh al-Mutlaq, the performance of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, "warning of" the return of sectarian revival. "
"I am opposed and we did not enter a sectarian project in 2006, and the dialogue front was sectarian and warned against our election because it has a leading husband in the Dawa party or the Badr Organization and they are tarnishing uswith another bad reputation," al-Mutlaq said in the satellite program Al-Furat.
Promised Mutlaq, "lifting the concrete blocks of the streets and areas of the capital Baghdad, the completion of Abdul Mahdi, a bold step and the best and perhaps the only step he took in the right direction."
"The government of Abdul Mahdi is the worst government since 2003 and so far, more corrupt since the monarchy in Iraq," he said.
He pointed out that "today can not conduct any treatment in any of the government departments, starting from the service agent to the Director-General without being exposed to the citizen to blackmail and corruption," noting that "
Al-Mutlaq stressed that "Abdul-Mahdi listens to others more than us, a democratic and understands and accepts talk, a respected person, but there are parties that do not want to listen to us and unfortunately today is not fair with the social structure in the country."
"We asked him to appoint a government to balance the reform and reconstruction with the construction, and that did not happen. What is more, ministers chose not to replace them, and even to nominate the general directors and vote for them in the Council of Ministers in which there was an exclusion of provinces and a final absence of balance. Sectarianism is reviving these steps. "
He stressed that "Iraq now has deep states, including the Dawa Party, suffering from it and today we are out of power and there is no real balance in the country and it will be a major imbalance in the state and impossible to get the satisfaction of my community in the country."
Al-Mutlaq said that "the institutionalization of the crowd is good, but we are afraid of being isolated from the army and the police. There are opponents, including the Hezbollah Brigades, which have reservations about the last decision," noting that "the border is July 31 and will be a strong test for Abdul Mahdi, "He said.
"He feared even the army of this decision by the control of the crowd factions on the army and there may be a rebel force on the state and may become a parallel state."
He pointed out that "the current defense minister is a former military figure and acceptable procedures and works professionally," noting that "the solution of the Ministry of Education knots when Khamis al-Khanjar concedes blocks to build the post, the problem is not candidates, but against the dagger."
Al-Mutlaq questioned "that the President of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi the leadership role of the Sunnis and advised him to remain the head of parliament now and may come the right time to get this leadership, but the pursuit of them now, it may expose the political future of great damage" likely "return required for the Iraqi judiciary Rafie al-Issawi to the scene Even though there are efforts to prevent it. "
"I asked a senior security official about the cases against al-Issawi and said he was innocent," he said, declining to reveal the figure.
"Iraq can not play the role of mediator because of its internal problems. Iran prefers not to get the war, but it will not accept the economic blockade to the end, and perhaps it is the one who pays for war, even though they are experts in politics," al-Mutlaq said.
And "may prefer a war on the embargo and Iraq may take sides with Iran at the end of the conflict with America"
"Iran was the biggest party in the formation of the government of Abdul Mahdi, but America has tried and failed and the Arabs have had the desire and did not materialize," Mutlaq said.
"The former prime minister, Haidar al-Abadi, missed the opportunity in the second term and advised him to join early in the coalition of reconstruction and be one of the options for prime minister, but he remained hesitant, which made him miss the opportunity. is over
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